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Paid Advertising Packages


Basic $500-$800

  • Running basic paid ads

  • Audience targeting for brand promotion

  • Ad performance tracking

Our basic paid advertising package offers a streamlined solution for brand promotion, featuring the running of essential paid ads strategically tailored to your target audience. With meticulous audience targeting, we ensure your ads reach the right demographics, maximizing visibility and engagement. Additionally, our package includes comprehensive ad performance tracking, providing valuable insights into campaign effectiveness and optimizing future strategies for enhanced results. Trust us to elevate your brand's presence and drive meaningful engagement with our simple yet effective paid advertising package.


Advanced $1000-$1500

  • Running advanced paid ads

  • Utilizing tracking pixels for better insights

  • Focused on sales conversions and audience targeting

  • A/B testing for ad optimization


Our advanced paid advertising package offers a comprehensive solution tailored for driving sales conversions and maximizing audience engagement. This package includes running advanced paid ads with sophisticated audience targeting, ensuring your message reaches the right demographics. Utilizing tracking pixels, we gather invaluable insights to refine and optimize your campaigns for improved performance. Additionally, we conduct A/B testing to fine-tune ad creatives and strategies, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness and ROI for your business. Trust us to elevate your advertising efforts and achieve exceptional results with our advanced package.


Comprehensive $2000-$3000

  • Comprehensive ad strategy with tracking pixels

  • Focus on sales conversions and targeted audience expansion

  • Customized ad creatives

  • Monthly performance reports and strategy adjustments


Our comprehensive package represents the pinnacle of our advertising solutions, designed to propel your business to new heights. It features a meticulously crafted ad strategy leveraging tracking pixels for unparalleled insights into campaign performance. With a laser focus on driving sales conversions and expanding your targeted audience, we ensure maximum ROI for your investment. Our package includes customized ad creatives tailored to resonate with your audience, fostering engagement and brand loyalty. Additionally, we provide monthly performance reports and implement strategic adjustments to optimize results continuously. Experience unparalleled success with our comprehensive package, where every aspect of your advertising campaign is expertly managed for maximum impact and growth.

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